Hi Michelle, Thanks for your detailed pros and cons list. We are not getting any younger. If you look on IKEA’s site at their wardrobes with doors you can see some good examples: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/cat/pax-wardrobes-with-doors-24337/. 27-dic-2020 - Esplora la bacheca "Cabina armadio" di Vale M su Pinterest. Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", IKEA EXPEDIT SHELF UNIT 17X73" Instructions Manual, Indoor Furnishing IKEA Patrul klamma Assembly Instruction Manual, Indoor Furnishing IKEA PATRULL FAST Instruction Manual, Indoor Furnishing IKEA PS CHAIR BED COVER Instructions Manual, Indoor Furnishing IKEA PS SOFA BED FRAME Instructions Manual, Indoor Furnishing IKEA PS CABINET 24X41" Instructions Manual, Indoor Furnishing IKEA PS CHAIR BED FRAME Instructions Manual, Indoor Furnishing IKEA PS LÖMSK SWIVEL CHAIR Instructions Manual, Indoor Furnishing IKEA PS ORGANIZER Instructions Manual, Indoor Furnishing IKEA PS 2012 Assembly Instructions Manual. After install, we patched the holes and painted it in a white that’s a good match for the IKEA wardrobes (I had it left over from the laundry room cabinets we put in last year!). , Hi Kris! I’ve learned so much and wow !! I have a temporary rail at the moment and they tend to get quite dusty so I thought doors would be a must! (especially the drawer pulls). Scegli gli accessori interni del tuo guardaroba in base alle tue esigenze. California Closets are, according to their own website, made from “recycled wood fibers” which is about exactly the same as PAX so either system you choose will not be real “wood” and you don’t want real wood as it’s completely unnecessary in this application. It’s in at least “very good” condition, and all exterior surfaces are in excellent condition. Yes, we attached the units to the wall behind them. Yes you should be able to add on another wardrobe unit – they haven’t changed their wardrobe sizes in a very long time. Are you happy with the pants hanging system? The mounting for one would be obstructed if you had a drawer at the bottom.) Scopri l’assortimento di pratici accessori interni KOMPLEMENT. IKEA doesn’t have any insert options with smaller compartments that work well for earrings so on the far right I used {this insert} but removed the long dividers for watches and necklaces and replaced it with {this jewelry organizer} I already had, laying the two stackable trays next to each other: I also did something different with the shelf above my pull-out jewelry tray and chose {this glass shelf} that allows me to see where everything is even before I pull the tray out: There are a few finishing touches that I added to our IKEA PAX closet system that made a big difference in the final look. I would estimate that IKEA is about 1/3 the cost of The Container Store. I am loving all the options to store all of our miscellaneous items as well! That’s super exciting – you totally deserve it!! Get Adobe Flash player. Boy those frames are heavy!! When we finished our basement & installed a bathroom, the debate was shower (him) or storage (me). Thanks Gina! I see you have kept the system ‘open’ without doors – I have thought of this but do your clothes not get dusty? and I was thinking of using PAX to create the walls that separate the rooms from the main living space! With sliding mirrored doors, it will be about $700, but that is Much Less than having an actual Closet built! This was so helpful! I loved so many of their styles but I really want to see them in person. It’s so stupid that they even put those stickers on there in the first place…. Just wanted to know if you are familiar with the corner pieces. Scegli quella che fa per te e completala con ante e accessori interni. For one, we had our contractor add crown molding along the top of our IKEA wardrobes on each side. They are horrible to remove! Hi, thanks so much for this review, it’s really helpful! Kris, congratulations on your amazing results — and, yes, I do have closet envy! Our crown molding is one I picked out at our local hardware store that was a good height for covering the gap between the top of the units and the ceiling. Thanks! This could have been installation error or just sagging over time due to the weight of the doors. Did your PAX hanging bars come with screws?? It seems like you have the perfect design, thanks!! How would you say the Ikea closet compares in cost to an Elfa system, if you have ever compare the two? Hi Kris! Certain drawers at the bottom wouldn’t work with certain doors (I can’t remember which, but they have sliders and hinged doors. No problem – thanks for the comment Becky! Thank you IKEA. Our frames are 93″ tall.It also would have been helpful if a template for installing handles on the chest of drawers would be included in the box. Phew… I think that about covers the tour of our PAX closet! Good luck and hope you love your new closet! Your site is the ONLY thing I can find anywhere with these new frames front drawers!! Very informative and well done! I admire your shoe storage design section. Hi Kris, Well… your closet is wonderful, I would swear it was all custom. I think it crazy to do it yourself. KK German, Virginia Beach, VA. Hi, I took a scan through the comments and didn’t see this question asked/answered. My husband and I are currently planning something similar but are stuck on the width of our closet, worried using the traditional width pax 22” on both sides wouldn’t leave a wide enough walk space in the middle. Learn how your comment data is processed. It’s a standard inexpensive 6-paneled door but we dressed it up by adding {this stylish rectangular flush pull} in satin brass instead of the typical small circle pull: but first I’ll quickly share how you start the design of an IKEA closet. Kris has a really great idea. Did you mount your PAX system to the wall? Visualizza altre idee su guardaroba ikea, guardaroba bianco, ikea. I don’t relish the thought of using particle board. The black/brown finish in our old PAX closet didn’t scuff at all. Thank you so much for this. I don’t see his clothes, We still have our old master bedroom closet that was really small for the two of us to share but not bad for one person so he now has that one all to himself and I have the new one , Did you do anything to upgrade the backs that come with the Pax system? Great article! Hallo liebes IKEA-Facebook-Team! That’s what I am going to have to do. In Australia, the Pax I have would sell for about $1000 before delivery. Visualizza altre idee su cabina armadio, armadio, idee armadio camera da letto. Habe 2x100cm Pax bestellt mit jeweils 3 Schubladen mit Glaseinsatz für unten. And no, I had no problems with the carpet! 10.00. Unfortunately ours are already assembled and installed. This is a quick iPhone pic of what it looked like when we had put only the PAX wardrobe frames in our new space: The wardrobes frames were secured to the walls on the top back side of the frames with drywall anchors and secured to each other with binding post screws near the base and near the top (simply drill through one of the pre-drilled holes from one wardrobe into the pre-drilled hole of the neighboring wardrobe and insert and tighten the screw). I have never had a “real” closet before, just what comes standard. Thanks a lot I am building a island and using six drawers under a custom top and adding a bench on the end. That’s a tough one! I caulked the lower seams to protect the particle board insides from water when storing snowy boots and equipment. Yes, we had our old IKEA closet over five years and it held up really well which is why I went with a PAX system again. I go to IKEA to save money and cringe at the thought of paying someone to assemble for $350. Do you remember where you bought it? Hi, thanks for all this information! And definitely much, much less expensive than other options! I’ve been married 18 years and don’t have a closet!!! We had them without sliding doors and with the sliding doors since they were actually in the bedroom as opposed to inside a walk-in closet. I was wondering if I could add on another unit now a few years later? When we went in to order, we sat down with a kitchen cabinet designer to make sure we had maximized the space. Hello! Love what you did! I am debating between white and brown black. Thank you for taking the time to write this review. I looked it up but could not find anyplace in the Los Angeles area that carried it and it would be perfect for our bedroom. Again, thanks for all of the tips! Hope that helps! Thank you ! Finally, I know the shelves create a really deep ‘pocket’ of a shelf. Hi! I wasn’t sure we would want them but you see our shoes from our bedroom and I think it will add more. Hi Alyssa! Their closet system is based on using PAX wardrobe frames (available in three width, two depth, and two height options) that you then customize with KOMPLEMENT accessories. Hi Lisa – that’s so strange! Wurde anstandslos übernommen. You lose a little bit of space with every additional unit that you use so my personal preference would be to do the two frames but it also depends on what you are planning to put in them so I would figure out your needs first. Thanks for your blog – it’s beautiful and very inspiring. Your jewelry drawer looks so organized and handy with the glass shelf. in drawers. Hi, could you let us know what font you used on the labels? Ich habe ein mir wichtiges Anliegen an euch: Wir werden bald umziehen, denn wir haben in Schlafzimmer und Küche starken Schimmelbefall und wollen daher aus unserer Wohnung. Budget is an issue. So thankful we did because we were able to add a corner piece and taller units on the side of our closet where the ceilings were lower. I had considered using those shelves to stack jeans/pants or sweaters. I knew you had both, so I was totally curious. Hope that helps! The backing rail , is that sold by ikea? I used them in several places in my closet – over the top drawer in each wardrobe on the left side of our closet (it keeps what’s inside the drawers from getting dusty), over my pants hanger, at the top of most of the wardrobes to hold large storage baskets, and from floor to ceiling in the middle wardrobe along the right side of our closet to hold medium storage baskets: I use them to hold travel bags & toiletries, bathing suits, hats & caps, tanks, belts, hair accessories, & flip flops – they’re a perfect fit! Das Problem sind eher die Möbel. As far as the shelves go – you are totally right. And finally my favorite part of our new IKEA PAX closet – {this KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray with inserts} that I’m using to organize my jewelry: There are a lot of different customizations that you can make because there are different styles and sizes of inserts that you can mix and match (you can see all of your options {here}): You can also remove the dividers within each individual gray insert which I did for earring storage. We had our old PAX closet system for over five years and had no problems at all with the wood drawers – they weren’t sagging at all and still rolled in and out smoothly. ich stehe momentan vor dem gleichen Problem. Have a wonderful Monday! So happy I found your IKEA PAX closet review!! Your email address will not be published. We had also considered the black/brown finish but were afraid it would scuff/scratch easily, so were thinking about the lighter birch finish. Nov 3, 2018 - Explore Jerimiah Milton's board "Ikea Hacks" on Pinterest. I built out Pax wardrobes using the flat drawer fronts in our laundry room and honestly didn’t notice any difference between those and the framed ones I used in our master closet. Thanks a lot. I am having trouble finding replacement plastic drawers for our recycling. Planning my closet/office and I found this very helpful. Thanks for sharing. But I want them to look like wardrobes with hinged doors. The difference in price is really astounding, right?! We have 6 family members and a dog. My husband thinks they will finger print since you are pulling the actual glass. On the short side we kept the baseboard intact and added wood spacers between the PAX units and the wall to keep them exactly upright. Or screw directly flush into drywall. We have not purchased anything yet. We just moved to a different house with a walk-in closet that has built in shelves, etc and I’m really missing my PAX closets because now I’m going to have to buy a dresser so I can have some drawers storage space! Jeff and I have been sharing our small master bedroom closet for 7 years now so when we decided to take the plunge with a master bathroom addition (you can see our. and they offer returns with a receipt for a full year for anything you decide not to use. The IKEA PAX closet we had in our old house was over five years old when we sold our home and it was still in amazing shape. Veel planken voor dingen die je kan opvouwen, oprollen of die gewoon niet in lades passen. Good luck with planning your closet! © Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 1999 - 2014 IKEA furniture and home accessories are practical, well designed and affordable. – Marv. I too wish the planning tool was more user friendly. Now, I have to get myself the plug covers….something I never did, that bothers me every time I open the doors! I am looking at Ikea’s new system, Aurdal, for my son’s closet. pull-out trays with shoe inserts and rails, non-slip velvet space saving hangers like {these}, {this KOMPLEMENT pull-out tray with inserts}, https://www.ikea.com/us/en/cat/pax-wardrobes-with-doors-24337/. I say “2 bed” as there are currently no walls separating any of the rooms (the whole unit is 2200sf!) Love! I have an overwhelming compulsion to yell “No wire hangers and throw some baby powder around (corn starch, of course).” Seriously, you closet is absolutely gorgeous. Nice, helpful review. I intend to use it in a den and turn it into a walk-in closet a lot like the “apartment” set up from an earlier comment. It was easy to find anchors but I had to scour Home Depot for a “spacer” to insert between the back of the unit and the wall, which ended up being a plastic end piece for furniture legs that fit exactly. PAX Planner. Hope that helps – good luck with the install! We put IKEA Pax system in our master closet last summer/fall. Prezzo di vendita. My question for you is: did you attach these units to the wall behind the system or just to themselves? Thanks for your post. HAHA. I won the battle, and am so glad I did. We have had them since 2008. That arrangement worked out great for us in our previous home with PAX so we knew we wanted to repeat it in this one! On front wall and right side will be a 30″, a corner unit, a 40″ and a 30″. I have one I would love to do that I share with my husband. This is disgustingly neat and beautiful. Your closet looks beautiful. Our closet is HUGE, like I am talking 8ft x 10ft, or some crazy thing and spending the money on the container store, and other highend places was not going to happen. Not sure that the frame mounting brackets will line up with studs. Can you please let me know where you got the white weaved baskets, they look great, also the carpet, is it a large rug or a carpet that you meed to install it Under them are KOMPLEMENT clothes rails: I have all of my short sleeve shirts in the left wardrobe frame, long dresses and jumpsuits in the middle wardrobe frame, and long sleeve shirts in the right wardrobe frame. Hi Myra – I have 5 pairs of shoes on each shelf. Sorry – I don’t know the answer to that since I don’t have any of the narrow PAX units. Thanks so much, Hi Kris! Do you recommend using furring strips that would be anchored to wall and then frames mounted to strips? Add some high gloss white doors and it`s a fashion statement, not just a closet. If you happen to be wondering where the heck all of Jeff’s clothes are, he now has our old master closet to himself (you can check out the upgrade we gave that closet {here}). But if you go to their store you DO have to buy the hinges separate. They may have discontinued these drawers. Some people say putting it on carpet should be fine and others say as long as you have enough stuff in it it should be fine. Ps….love what you’ve done! Unfortunately, they are no longer made of wood. I just want to say I love your blog and thank you so much for for all these details! Hi Franklin – you can definitely add doors after the fact but the hinges for the doors attach in certain holes and sometimes it can be the holes that you already being used by your interior organizational components so it’s possible you’d have to change around the inside components a bit. Here you can find your local IKEA website and more about the IKEA business idea. Super helpful. Simple tips to instantly transform five rooms in your home! When we did our first closet with IKEA PAX in our old house, it was part of an addition to our house – we debated ceramic tile vs. carpet too and ended up going with the carpet. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! I was curious how your old closet held up? Maybe you could integrate some IKEA narrow depth bookcases with shelving for open storage in those areas? Veröffentlicht am 20.02.2021 von 20.02.2021 von Hi Amy – that info is actually in the post. IKEA makes shelves that match their wardrobes in all of the width and length options possible. We were able to make the PAX frames sit completely level and uniform from one frame to another by doing a few things. Thanks. You can create a pretty amazing closet for significantly less than other closet systems including The Container’s Store Elfa system and California Closets’ systems. I too priced California Closet and wow, the price tag is 3K for Ikea and 15 K for California Closets. Just make sure you have all the wood bits and pull-out rails. My husband and I are currently renovating our home and are going to use the Pax as a wardrobe in our bedroom. We couldn’t find our studs so we made do and attached to the wall as we best we could with the recommendations of the hardware pro at the local hardware store. Prezzo iniziale: CHF 1 | Condizioni: Usato | Compra Ikea Pax Schublade - 3 Schubladen a Staufen online su Ricardo | Breite: 100.0 cm, Korpus, Tiefe: 58.0 cm, Höhe: 16 cm Ich habe noch kurz gemes… My closet system flanked one entire wall in my bedroom and I did not remove baseboards. We put four of them together with two very large sliding doors to hide all our mud room mess. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I was planning to have a contractor do a custom closet for me, but in his delay getting back with me, I found PAX. Any help and advice that you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Kris. L'installation de poêle à bois ou de cheminée n'est pas encore disponbile sur NeedHelp. It sounds as though the holes are stripped and the screws holding the doors on are slipping. Can you share where the paint was mixed? Hubby and I are redoing one of our main large closet sections on our main level to store my whole family’s shoes (5 total, 1 away at college) and some storage for other items. See more ideas about ikea, home diy, ikea diy. Hi Gil, This is a fabulous review. It is obvious once one is complete, but while in the middle of assembly it’s a bit confusing. They’re {these white woven bins} in the medium size and I used {these bin clips} for labels: At the far end of our closet system I filled the 39″ wide wardrobe with {these shoe shelves} and LOVE them – I was able to pack a ton of shoes in and they’re all super easy to grab: IKEA has other shoe storage options too including {this pull-out shoe shelf} and pull-out trays with shoe inserts and rails. I have ordered all the hole covers that you talked about now too! I haven’t seen the new wire baskets yet but will look at them the next time I’m at IKEA and add some info to this post! We connected them together with screws and nuts through the predrilled holes on the sides of the units. And finally, I took a tiny paint brush and painted the heads of the screws holding the units together with the same white paint I used on the crown molding. We’re considering having our contractor drywall around it to give a built-in look, but that means if it breaks afterwards, it may be expensive/painful to replace. Do you see any red flags with that? The 29″ ones are plenty strong for the yard chemicals, spray paints, etc., I have on them, so I suspect 39″ ones would be strong enough for clothes and stuff. One more question, the small trim between walls and cabinets, what medium did you use to secure them to the wall/cabinet? Will definitely buy another PAX system and assemble myself. So I ordered hinges. Could different cabinetry hardware be used with the Pax system in order to fully extend the drawers? We installed lighting at the top that was plugged in to an outlet on a switch for one set of closets and the other set was plugged into a radio frequency wireless plug/light switch set up. I am obsessed with your carpet from Kaleen. Yes, the bars did come with the screws even though they don’t show that online. We just moved and we are looking at our options of installing custom closets! Then for the walls where you have more than one frame, we attached the frames to one another so they lined up perfectly and stayed lined up over time. When we’re doing final measurements, how do you measure properly for the corners? Great post! Speaking of future home, we will not hesitate to add IKEA Pax to our next home. If you'd like to use any of my images, please request their use via my Contact page. Ikea FORGOT the hinges in the shipment. Turning Dated “Befores” into Stylish “Afters”, Last Updated: January 14, 2021 By Kris Jarrett. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Ikea Schubladen Montage, garnicht so einfach so kannst du die selber und einfach aufbauen, vermeide diese Fehler.ich freue mich auf dein Kommentar! Do you have any ideas? I made my shopping list twice and still forgot to order the poles! For our other wall where we only have one unit and it would be obvious if there was no baseboard, we rested the PAX frame up against the baseboard and then used a small square of wood that’s the same depth as the baseboard as a spacer between the PAX unit and the wall where it was attached to the wall (our screws went through the PAX frame, then through the spacer, and then into the wall – we made sure we did it where we would hit studs). My concern is how well the PAX frames will set on carpet and remain level and maintain a uniform look from one frame to another? Meine Frau und ich haben uns für eine lange Zeit an den PC gesetzt und am Konfigurator unseren PAX-Kleiderschrank zusammengebaut. Posted In: bedrooms, diy projects, organizing 141 Comments. I am about 3/4 of the way through building my PAX closet and I just recently built my first flat front drawer. Our PAX system has held up beautifully – we’ve had it for seven years now and it looks as good as the day that we installed it! Scegli la serie PAX guardaroba componibile, permette di sfruttare ogni centimetro e creare un armadio su misura con la massima libertà. Thanks in advance and sorry for long message! I think this is fantastic and super insightful – I am looking to purchase a giant “2 bed” loft style apt. Hi Erin! Good luck with your project! Would I be better off with drawers, baskets, or hangers? We’re really lacking in storage space but low on budget so the PAX has been the main contender for a wall of closet space. And all of them were installed over preexisting carpet – that didn’t cause any type of issues. Now I’m off ot read the rest of your blog! I REALLY need to do the closets in my kids shared room. Thanks for sharing all the details. There is a some area in the back that isn’t super easy to access so I recommend either going with drawers instead (if they’re lower down) or using baskets on the shelves if they’re higher up. You can often get used Pax at absolute bargain prices. Hi Rachael, I never had any issues like that whatsoever – the bars are all really sturdy, as are the wardrobes themselves! 20-nov-2019 - PAX Kledingkast, wit gelazuurd eikeneffect, Meråker donkergrijs, 250x60x236 cm. Thank you very much for posting up this review and photos. Thanks! IKEA has VARIERA cover plates that come in a pack of 100 for $1.29 to fill all of the holes that run along the edges of the PAX frames. In the closet I want to re-do, I’m looking for jewelry organizing options that will help prevent tarnishing of silver jewelry. Thanks for posting! Thank you! I’m thinking all my Vera bags. You won’t have the drawers like Kris, but you could have a tower of shelves for baskets, folded clothes, or shoes; and plenty of room for hanging clothes. Design your own PAX wardrobe inside and out, from door styles, to shelves, to interior organizers and more. But what about “hubby” Is he a nudist? Thank you so much! Hi Wona! I went back and forth on adding one but I already had a jewelry armoire that my husbands grandmother gave us. Because I recognized value, I offered $100 for it even though I could have gotten it for free. This is great. Le strutture per guardaroba PAX sono la base di partenza per creare la combinazione più adatta alle tue esigenze e al tuo spazio. Feb 12, 2019 - Explore Stef Watchman's board "Interior Design: IKEA", followed by 118 people on Pinterest. I still have 5 more Komplemnt drawers to install, but they won’t arrive until Tuesday, they were back ordered. The drawers and pants rack aren’t full extension – I really wish they were to make it easier to access things in the far back. Qui trovi opinioni relative a pax ikea bianco e puoi scoprire cosa si pensa di pax ikea bianco. Thank you so much! Das Ding ist sauschwer (2,50 m Schrank wiegen 300 kg) und wirklich unhandlich – glücklicherweise vermietet Europcar direkt im IKEA stundenweise Sprinter. Since part of our new closet is where our old bathroom use to be, the width of our closet was determined for us at about 6.5 feet. Thanks again. Bei einem Umzug wird nur das nötigste *abgebaut*. Thanks for your help. Thanks! They definitely have a higher end look than the flat front drawers that use to be the only option: They also have {these glass front drawers} that are stylish options but honestly I just don’t have anything pretty enough that I’m storing in my drawers to want to see through the front . Hi! It looks high end and sleek. I think the pax comes in at least 22 inches in depth. I’m finally getting one and this review helped as I was looking at closetmaid wardrobes. Hi Mary – unfortunately I don’t have the answer to your question because I’ve only used the PAX system for clothes. ), do you have any questions? I have been wanting to do drawers under hanging clothes for some time now, but surprisingly have not seen many examples of that configuration. So glad I found this post on Pinterest! Yes, you can absolutely get doors for it. For more information, see my full disclosure statement {here}. Have you had any troubles with this? I’m redoing my closet based on these steps and so excited to get it complete. My questions are: 1) since we need to replace the carpet, we’re contemplating ceramic tile (like the bath has and make continuous through closet (wife does not like that option) or re-carpet. I remember how overwhelming that process was. Hi Dita, I used a razor scraper and Goo Gone to remove the stickers! Kris, your closet and bath look soooo good! It is particle board so it can chip and, if it does, probably isn’t very patchable. Did you have any experience with mounting the Pax wardrobe on the wall? Can you please share the name and brand of carpet you chose for you closet? Have you heard of anyone doing that? Planung ist alles! I read far and wide before I purchased my Pax system but would say yours is the best detailed article I found. Provides the privacy that you would want in a room, as well as, the needed storage that does not currently exist. but first I’ll quickly share how you start the design of an IKEA closet. I think the brown black looks more expensive than the white. Check your local IKEA’s “As is” section, particularly around mid year and end of year, because that’s where discontinued doors (and colors of doors) end up, marked down 40% or more, brand new. Hello! Starting at the top, each wardrobe has a shelf with 1 or 2 of {these storage baskets} in the large size that hold some of my winter boots, totes, larger travel bags, etc. Extremely helpful. I’ve been comparing various closet systems for months but after spending hours trying to sort out the details and dimensions, I usually give up! Our closet accessed through our master bath is 13.5 ft wide by 9.5 ft deep with two windows on opposite wall of the door. I used the PAX planner and found that my system (gonna rethink the baskets now) without doors is $585 and with doors is $1230. Secure the bookcase to the wall, and install the clothes rod on each side of the bookcase, running the 2’-4’ length to the adjoining wall. Thank you again!! Do you see many PAX units used outside of the closet on freestanding walls within the bedroom? Hallo liebes Team vom Ikea, Ich bin leider etwas doll enttäuscht von der „Flexibilität“ der PAX-Schränke. Liefen einwandfrei. Though we might pay to have it assembled.