The factory made its last pig’s dinner before the gates were permanently closed in 1999. ... das andere ist alles andere als sicher zum Betreten… Near the small village of Tasdorf near Rüdersdorf I found the relicts of a huge chemical plant. An Abandoned Chemical Factory close to Berlin The Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf is a huge abandoned factory in Rüdersdorf, a small town close to Berlin. Um die stetig steigenden Produktionserwartungen … Februar 2020 forgottenplacesberlin Hinterlasse einen Kommentar. Northern side (close to the train station) many places to enter. (@rbb24) #Gasometer, Just found out the first Abandoned Berlin book has been translated into Japanese! #NoBlackFridayBullshit The buildings are immense. VEB Chemiewerk Coswig – Betriebsteil Rüdersdorf Bis 1989 wurden hier Futterphosphat hergestellt, das viel Chemie im Einsatz war kann man Teilweise an der Ausbreitung der Pflanzen erkennen. German reunification spelled the end for VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, however, as it did for so many East German enterprises, with dwindling sales and dodgy dealings from investors preceding the inevitable. Wildlife abounds in the absence of humans, birds making the most of all the lofty perches, while frogs, tadpoles and a snake(!) I didn’t see any pirates, nor any humans at all, so the only feasible conclusion is that the frogs I met were actually humans frogified from inhaling the various unknown gases and chemicals permeating the site. Zu dem ausgedehnten Werk ausserhalb Berlins in dem Ort Rüdersdorf la... Kurhotel Zippendorf, Schwerin. Meine ersten Geh-Versuche eines Lost Places war das Chemiewerk in Rüdersdorf (eher ein Zufall, entstanden durch ein Besuch im Museumspark Rüdersdorf). Auf dem riesigen Areal am Kriensee, am Rande Berlins, wurde 1900 von C.O. I got dizzy just walking into one with huge round concrete canisters that swallowed me up. At least we have this:, They started destroying Schöneberg's Gasometer today. Bei Berlin ... und das sind nur zwei der Filme, die hier gedreht wurden. #AbandonedBerlin #GetYerOrdersInQuickForTheShipping We had some time alone on the areal, then the security entered with a car through…, artworks by renowned street artist PlotBot. If you want to learn more about the factory, check out what Abandoned Berlin wrote about it here. We should still be able to sample its delights. Wer ´Rüdersdorf´ hört, der denkt zunächst an [Cölestin]. Thankfully they didn’t see us and drove on. A bizarre, brutalist structure designed in 1958 by Gillespie, Kidd and Coia to house and train Roman Catholic preists., LAST CHANCE TO VISIT SCHÖNEBERG'S FAMOUS GASOMETER! @AbandonedBerlin Thank you SO much for these wonderful books. Was echten Filmfans schon lange klar war, gibt es nun schwarz auf weiß: Potsdam wurde von der UNESCO zur Creative City of Film gekürt und steht damit, als erste deutsche Stadt, in einer Reihe mit Filmstädten wie Rom, Mumbai oder Wellington. Die Auszeichnung hat Potsdam natürlich vor allem dem Studio Babelsberg, dem ältesten Filmstudio der Welt, zu verdanken. I scurried up, terrified myself from heights that only lunatics enjoy.Rüdersdorf is a colossus. The huge Preußag concern (now the TUI travel agent) took over in 1939, and later produced bauxite vital for the Nazis’ war effort. Wegener“, die an diesem Standort ein Zementwerk errichtete. The abandoned chemical factory of Rüdersdorf (actually in Tasdorf) was once part of VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, responsible mainly for the production of the animal feed Rükana and other phosphates used … When you find your way to the top of the huge concrete canisters, you will probably get dizzy if you look down. Easiest from the motorway probably. I swayed as I surveyed the ruins around me. #DDR #PalastDerRepublik, "Its delights included a theatre, bowling alley, speedy lifts, 68 toilets, its own post-office, 15 coin-operated phones, a Telex, and its own PdR stamps." Besides that, walk around and pay attention to where you are standing and you should be fine. Fencing topped with razor wire surrounds the site now. Every noise, every bang, rustle, clang or whistle, was a vicious monster rising from an atomic green pool to devour us. If you are interested in Urban Exploration in Berlin, don’t forget to check out where we have been. I’d stumbled upon the abandoned chemical factory of Rüdersdorf (actually in Tasdorf), once part of VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, responsible mainly for the production of the animal feed Rükana and other phosphates used for farming. It’s almost too easy. Er war ein wahrer Chemiegigant – der VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, Betriebsteil Rüdersorf. Oder als auf dem … Felipe Tofani likes designing things and listening to weird music. Gutenbergstraße, 15562 Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf, Foto: Gebauer Stülpe: Geheimdienst im Fläminger Traumschloss Schloss Stülpe ist einer dieser Orte, die man schon öfter im Fernsehen oder Kino … After the end of the war, the Soviets took over and dismantled the factory. Get down! If you are interested in Urban Exploration in Berlin, don’t forget to check out where we have been. #TypeInBerlin #BVG, It's #BlackFriday but you won't find any discounts at the Abandoned Berlin shop. Homeland is being filmed at the abandoned factory. , Been there on Saturday (02.01.2021) and it’s still easy accessable through the hole in the fence on the main entrance…, we went there yesterday. April im Kulturhaus, Raum 206, um 17 Uhr, vom langjährigen Schichtleiter im Werk Detlef Forker, ein kostenloser Vortrag zum Thema "Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf und seine Geschichte" statt. Any update? Christ, I hope it isn’t on the site. … Toxic reminders of the past. The factory started its life back in 1899 as a … The cement production lasted until 1939 when Preußag took over and started producing bauxite which was vital for the Nazi’s War effort (bauxite is one of the elements used to produce aluminum). The supposedly protected historical structure is going to be converted into an office block because that's more lucrative for the owners, fucking vandals. We were in! Chemiewerk Endzeitstimmung Chemiewerk Endzeitstimmung Chemiewerk … Famous U-Bahn station in Mitte about to be abandoned. Only two weekends left to do a tour before construction starts (despite Denkmalschutz) on building offices inside. 3. Once we reached Erkner, we put our bikes on the road and cycled all the way to the location of the Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf. I’d say current difficulty is about 3/10. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, An Abandoned Chemical Factory close to Berlin, Hüttenpalast – Cabins and Caravans in the heart of Neukölln. Die Anlage ist zwar komplett umzäunt und darf alleine nicht betreten … The only problems we had getting there was a long distance to the factory, and also managing to climb over the barbed wire. Lately it has proved a rich hunting ground for filmmakers, with ‘Enemy At The Gates’ and a Rammstein video apparently filmed here, while George Clooney was here for the filming of ‘The Monuments Men.’. After 1979, the chemical factory was integrated into the VEB agrochemicals Piesteritz. One wrong one could be your last. It may sound incredible, but it’s best not to hang around for too long. You will get dizzy as you imagine how some of the graffiti on the roof top was done, since it is filled with huge holes that would kill anyone going up there. It stretched out below me in majestic decadent glory and I just gazed down, mouth probably open, goose bumps on my arms and legs as I surveyed the sheer gigantism of it, the bulk, the improbability, the stillness, something from another world. They ask you to erase the pictures you took and if you do that it’s fine. Das ehemalige Chemiewerk in Rüdersdorf diente in „Dark“ als Kulisse für das Atomkraftwerk in der apokalyptischen Zukunft. Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf. The factory started its life back in 1899 as a cement factory and through the years, it has produced bauxite, animal feed and phosphates for farming purposes. die des Ursprungs geht bis in das Jahr 1900 zurück. The skull and crossbones were clearly visible on some containers, so pirates must have once called this place home. Local kids' vital role in the Berlin Airlift of 1948-49 has been virtually ignored by history. Die hier gezeigten Orte werden ausschließlich zum Zweck der Dokumentation und der künstlerischen Darstellung betreten… Maybe they’re still there. From where I stood, the view was beautiful and that was more than enough for me. . Rüdersdorf bei Berlin, Germany. Ich habe hier noch eins anzubieten: Am … At the moment,  Homeland is being filmed at the abandoned factory. And this time there's no asbestos so the Wessis have no excuse to destroy it. Februar 2020 forgottenplacesberlin Hinterlasse einen Kommentar. Don’t let it consume you. We hunched down like hedgehogs attacked by bears, curled up, waited for them to pass. If you don’t it’s trespassing, but in German is called hausfriedenbruch and you can be fined. A “Betreten Verboten” sign confirms it. Olympic village itself: Not…, Just went in. UPDATE: March 26, 2015 – I went back again today, to confront the frogified fossils and help a companion find artworks by renowned street artist PlotBot, who had embellished parts of the factory since I was last there.We got in easily enough, proceeding northward from the bus stop, taking the steps down the embankment on the right and the pedestrian bridge over the river before passing though the broken fence. Dort fiel vor über hundert Jahren die erste Klappe u… It started life in 1899 as a cement factory operated by C.O.Wegener, which allegedly made the cement in “an ultra-modern yet highly dangerous” kiln oven. Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf Bei einem erneuter Besuch (08/2016) ging es diesmal immer mal wieder hoch hinaus, hier konnte man die tolle Aussicht genießen. But still very interesting. Update September 2019: We got a message from a reader that says that Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf seems to be off-limits now. This and other fascinating details you might not know about #Tempelhof are covered in this great podcast from the @BearRadioBerlin crew! I (in the UK) bought these two and we can already not recommend them highly enough. Who wouldn't love to find this under the tree? Um die stetig steigenden … Stories in English sogar auch auf Deutsch. ❄️ Geheimnisvolle Orte - Industriepark Rüdersdorf - YouTub . An unsettling humming noise presides over the area, presumably from a neighboring factory still in use, but that just adds to the spooky ambience. Sonst hat sich nicht viel verändert hier. 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Two more kilns were added in 1972 and the factory came under control of the Piesteritz-based VEB Kombinat Agrochemie (agrochemicals) at the end of the 1970s. ITB BuchAward winner! 1999 wurde das Chemiewerk nach sinkenden Absatzzahlen stillgelegt und rottet seit dem lautlos vor sich hin. There are holes everywhere so you really need to watch your step. As the Humbdolt Forum opens today, here's our profile of the GDR's very own Palast der Republik. You just never know what’s around the corner in this country. had made themselves at home in a murky green pool. A collosal modern ruin of concrete and steel in winter. Rüdersdorf. Auf dem riesigen Areal am Kriensee, am Rande Berlins, wurde 1900 von C.O. This film was made by Stasi operatives with a Super 8 camera to give local knowledge to agents unfamiliar with the territory before they crossed over for their missions. Also, in protected monument. Um die stetig steigenden Produktionserwartungen … When the U5 extension opens at midday tomorrow, Französische Straße station will be taken out of service after 97 years (including 29 years as a ghost station). One lands on my neck. He is the one responsible for finding cool places to visit every time Fotostrasse goes somewhere and he the one to blame about all the history you read here. Das ehemalige Chemiewerk in Rüdersdorf diente in „Dark“ als Kulisse für das Atomkraftwerk in der apokalyptischen Zukunft. There are other murky pools with black evil-looking shit and no wildlife at all, not even of the six-eyed variety. Bites. Plus the stuff is already damn good value as it is. 4, Just 10 days till Christmas 2020! His work is really cool and we loved seeing his graffiti there. The buildings at the Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf are enormous: the biggest buildings that Fotostrasse has ever explored. When you enter the Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf, you are going to see some green pools that look like something with three eyes is going to attack you. Not loads to explore but pretty cool…, Went here a few days ago – would definitely recommend a visit. 1950 wurde unter dem Namen „VEB Glühphosphatwerk Rüdersdorf“ in dem Werk Futterphosphat hergestellt, welches die höchste Güteklasse besaß und dadurch auch für den Export in den Westen lukrativ war. The Luna-Lager bunker in the snow today. Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf Foto & Bild | industrie und technik, chemie, industriefotografie Bilder auf fotocommunity Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf Foto & Bild von ill itch ᐅ Das Foto jetzt kostenlos bei … Der … Sometimes, it might be good to look up and see if there are any potential hazards from above. In one of the buildings to the east of the site, there’s a laboratory trashed beyond redemption, along with stacks of old papers, delivery notes, letters and so on, with wrecked furniture and discarded containers littering the floor, some no doubt still holding their evil potions. That Southern side seems to be the old military camp Döberitz though., Here you go, our newest article: Als im riesigen Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf noch Bauxit für den Kriegseinsatz der Nazis produziert wurde und später als Teil des VEB Chemiewerks Coswig Viehfutter für die Landwirtschaft. Now it is gone and we don't really understand who wants to build more offices in a time when everyone needs to WFH. All of this is in the past. Vor 30 Jahren ereignete sich am Block 4 des Kernkraftwerks Tschernobyl der bisher schlimmste Atomunfall der Zivilisationsgeschichte, der bis heute tausende Menschenleben forderte. In recent times, the factory has become a popular place for filmmakers; from Enemy at the Gates to the Monuments Men. Where: Gutenbergstraße, 15562 Rüdersdorf … Nowadays, this huge abandoned factory is just standing still without any practical use. Mit Rüdersdorf verbinde ich viele schöne Erinnerungen an eine unbeschwerte Kindheit Geboren wurde ich im Juli 1961 im Rüdersdorfer Krankenhaus an der B1, welches schon lange nicht mehr steht. Against my better judgment, I ascended the stairs without walls up, and up, and up, and up outside the canisters, vertigo intensifying, grip tightening and heart pounding harder the higher I climbed, until finally I reached the summit and could pause to let the waves of dizziness wash over me. We scurried on., Only two weeks till Christmas! Die Geschichte des Werkes, bzw. Even Rammstein was there a while ago to take some pictures from the Liebe ist für alle da album. The fear of their return never left as we scoured the buildings for PlotBot and WhatNot. #AbandonedBerlinJapan. This year we have TWO books and a selection of environmentally friendly t-shirts on offer for anyone who's still looking for lovely presents! Wegener company started producing cement in this area of Rüdersdorf. My colleague, a proud American, was of course talking loudly as we approached the hulking ruins when suddenly a truck flew up the road. We had to be careful after that. A thread of pictures from a visit to the ruins of St. Peter's Seminary, Cardross, Scotland. 1979 wurde das Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf in das neu gebildete „VEB Kombinat Agrochemie Piesteritz“ integriert und bildete nun den Betriebsteil „Coswig“., Take a Stasi tour of West Berlin in 1976! This is not a place to come if you’re drunk or planning on getting drunk. Evidently built during WW2, the buildings were used by the east german "people owned company" VEB … Mit dem Betreten eines Lost Places betrittst Du. The Soviets dismantled the plant after the war, but it found a new lease of life in 1950 when the VEB Glühphosphatwerk Rüdersdorf was formed to make the aforementioned phosphates. ... um das ehemalige Futtermittelwerk Rüdersdorf der VEB Chemiewerk Coswig. Back in March 2015, we gathered a small group of friends and took our bikes on a train to Erkner. I withdrew my prickles and on we went. If you want to visit the Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf, you have to find where the Museumspark Rüdersdorf is and you will be fine. Only in 1950 was the VEB Glühphosphatwerk Rüdersdorf formed and the production of the famous Rükana started, a hydrothermal defluorination made out of a mixture of rock phosphate, phospohorsäure, and soda. #Stasi #WestBerlin #DDR. Then I sat down. Now, there is nothing there besides huge empty halls. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf is a huge abandoned factory in Rüdersdorf, a small town close to Berlin. #Gasometer #AbandonedBerlin We are glad to have visited this place with @AbandonedBerlin back in the summer time. After the German Reunification, it became doomed and was just another factory that couldn’t compete with the industry; for this reason, it closed down in 1999. Safer. Friend in Japan went to a library and was surprised to find this! 1979 wurde das Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf in das neu gebildete „VEB Kombinat Agrochemie Piesteritz“ integriert und bildete nun den Betriebsteil „Coswig“. OK, we’re grand, let’s go. Flies swarm to greet me as soon as I defy it. But, don’t worry, there are no teenage mutant ninja turtles here. .…, Is it still possible to visit this place? Die schönen Gipse aus Rüdersdorf sind überregional kaum bekannt, dabei kann man diese Lokalität mit Fug und Recht als eine der besten … Wegener begonnen ein … ! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an. A dog barks, somewhere. Chemiewerk Coswig, Rüdersdorf. Im Rahmen des Siebenjahresplans wurde das Gelände durch Neubauten und Erweiterungen zu einem großen Chemiewerk … Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf. Berlin is so fickle. Das weitläufige Gelände wurde ebenfalls schon öfter für internationale … Back to the history of this abandoned factory. 1979 wurde das Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf in das neu gebildete VEB Kombinat Agrochemie Piesteritz integriert und bildete nun den Betriebsteil Coswig. Ich richte an Sie meine hofliche Bitte,meine Arbeit im Chemiewerk in Rudersdorf als Arbeit in schadlichen Bedingungen zu bestatigen,weil es eine Arbeit bei der Prodktion von Kunstdungemitteln … I locked up the bike, not that there was anyone to rob it, and proceeded past the chimneys, hurriedly taking my time – I didn’t want to miss anything on the way yet couldn’t wait to get down to explore the wonders of the colossus waiting for me below. Das weitläufige Gelände wurde ebenfalls schon öfter für internationale … Or even, subscribe to our newsletter! 3. The abadoned chemical plant in Rüdersdorf, near Berlin. Difficulty 1/10., Honoured to have a piece in the new @slowberlin, on the history of the former NS Reichskriegsgericht military court in #Charlottenburg, the role it played for my granduncle Franz, a Polish spy, and other resistance fighters (available for members only). It was really easy to spot the giant building, entirely surrounded by fences with razor-sharp barbed wire. Vogelsang: Exploring an Abandoned Soviet Military Base Futtermittelwerk Rüdersdorf. Can't wait to be back in B and checking out these places first hand! Schilder warnen vorm Betreten der Baustelle neben der alten Eisfabrik, vor Wachdienst und Anzeige bei der Polizei. Rüdersdorf im Herbst 2016: Die Bilder entstanden auf einer ganztägigen offiziellen Foto-Tour in die ehemalige Phosphat-Futter-Fabrik in Rüdersdorf … Wegener begonnen ein … What: Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf: Abandoned chemical factory which began life as a cement factory, then made bauxite during the war, before its raison d’être became the production of animal feed phosphates and other things as part of VEB Chemiewerk Coswig, one of those GDR companies. This is a one-man show aided by long-suffering friends and family and we all gotta eat. Und dieser Standort war bewusst gewählt worden, wurde doch in Rüdersdorf … Email for bookings. Arrr, here be a fine place to drop anchor. Complete with ginger Trabis. If you like what you read here, you should join us on our facebook group, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and, maybe, even our Flipboard Magazine. Alles begann mit der Firma „C.O. You are going to see some weird looking graffiti and stencil from PlotBot. One…, Still super easy to just walk in to this place. There’s security around the area and they call the cops. Everything started back in 1899 when the C.O. It sounds further … ❤️, Welcome to the GDR (Gingerbread democratic Republic) 2, The destruction of Palast der Republik was an unforgivable act of vandalism driven by spite. #SchönholzerHeide #AbandonedBerlin, Palast der Republik has been rebuilt!