So real quick let’s meet … share. Video: Topless man smoking fag tries to rob Vuelta rider’s bike after crash. 20. One grabs the bike from him, and as he tries to grapple with him to keep hold of it, another grabs a crutch he is also holding. The lil brother of my big brothers friend saw my bike and asked if he could have a ride and i said no(cuz someone tried to steal it once)so he just left. Archived. Added: Aug-6-2016 By: mrgod2u (35071.67) Tags: Guy Tries to Steal My Bike Feat. I locked my own bike up and then proceeded to steal … Close. Earlier this year, a guy bought a stolen £1,350 bike for £80 before returning it to the owner. Caught a guy trying to steal my bike. I am 16 and usually ride my bike to school (it is a nice orange bike) and it is my only means of transportation to school. Try to steal my dirt bike? Posted by 7 years ago. save. bike SAN ANTONIO – A man was shot five times after a suspect attempted to steal his bicycle on the West Side, according to San Antonio Police. But I just thought he was being silly – because if I had to brake, then he was going to hit me.”. Get hit with a ladder. Luckily, someone stopped him and took his picture! Why these two guys claim their bike is impossible to steal. >>> Bike thief reveals tricks of the trade in this shockingly candid interview. Jan 13, 2009 61,813 4 1,130 Baltimore, MD hide. Share. What are some ways to keep my bike from being stolen? Anyone who saw their ‘walking around with painted-on pants’ prank will know all about that. 1.8k votes, 725 comments. Caught a guy trying to steal my bike. Bikes were never sold for parts; it’s not worth it – too much time and effort. Thieves with no remorse are that the bottom of the barrel. Longest was around a day. This is the moment a brazen thief tries to steal a £2,500 bike off the bike rack of a moving car in the middle of London, thankfully not succeeding. I left my bike in my backyard to take a break then after ten mins i can't find it. Close. 1.8k. The pranksters, brothers Jeremy and Jason Holden, kitted out an ordinary push-along bike with shock devices in the handlebars and seat before leaving it out in the street in Los Angeles, US. 3.1m members in the PublicFreakout community. Archived. 4 comments. Man catches thieves trying to steal his bike. “The next thing I knew, we were at the last set of lights before you accelerate onto the dual carriageway, and I heard a beep from the car behind us. the guy cam back to day (how stupid can he be? 26. report. Close. The footage, which was filmed on Sunday afternoon, shows a man on a mountain bike riding up behind the car and loosening the straps keeping the rear wheel in place. Posted by 1 month ago. Guy Gets Smashed In The Head With Ladder After Trying To Steal Dirt Bike . Too bad if a white guy steals my bike I could not do the same. This dude is living a thug life fo sho! Every time I take my bike down this road he stops to talk to me. Officers in Oregon arrested a man for attempting to steal a bicycle sitting right outside their police station. just on a little ride from work when a little situation arisesWant to support the channel Facebook. Also I know you don't want me to be that guy, but take a bike chain with you when you're out and about, can't trust anyone in the city. The incident happened in Gladstone, Oregon in the United States last week. Watch: Are these the most influential cycling products of the last 10 years? The incident occurred on Tower Bridge Road in central London as the bike’s owner, Musa Adams, travelled home after completing the London Revolution sportive. Posted by 1 year ago. The guy who took my bike down was a good man, no idea why he hit the whoops but I don't blame him they were sick. He only managed to bend the lock and twist my handlebars a little. Musa’s girlfriend Chloe was driving the car at the time, and spoke to Mail Online about the incident. A Gainesville man was arrested Monday afternoon after police say he tried to steal a mountain bike after someone else stole his bike’s tire. He was pretty hot about it, told me to call the police, he would follow him. “I noticed a guy cycling along behind me, I thought he was a bit close to the back of the car. 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A subreddit dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their … A man has been arrested for trying to steal a bike that was locked up outside a police station. ; Done at least once in Bubble Gum Crisis.A heroine dumps two motorcycles in one episode. 28. In an experiment in New York City, the filmmaker Casey Neistat locks up his own bike and tries to steal it, wondering if onlookers would intervene. EXCLUSIVE: In the one-minute clip, dated 3:24pm on Sunday, a man wearing a hoodie is seen trying to remove a racing bike from the back of a car as it is travels through central London. Have a look at the incredible sequence of events in the clip below. Your questions answered Virus numbers by state One image from each day 20 majors to Jun 28, 2010 #19 Thieves are the worst. Hey guy, what do you think ... Biggest Idiot Ever Tries To Steal A Bike Right Outside A Police Station. Dec 25, 2006 4,006 0 0. The cameraman catches dude with gold fronts trying to steal his bike, calls him out on it and no one will help him. Gladstone Police Department Bike thieves can be pretty blatant, but we’ve never seen a move this bold. hide. 601. But you know i wouldn't post it if that was the end. A 21-year-old man was shot and killed last month while trying to steal a dirt bike that another man was selling, Miami-Dade police said. BUY MERCH - http://www.hicksfilm.comfollow me on this … tweet; Internet prankster types TwinzTV don’t mind making fools of themselves for the camera. Location: United Kingdom TLDR: Kid says bike is cool and rides with it, comes back with his mom because he wants one but not mine so, his mom tries to steal bike, my mom tries to stop her. Close. Twitter. ... Random woman tries to convince kids to be Christian and not be gay. he knows its locked to the house yet he insists to try and roll it away lol shocked at the fact it wont moved and such a baffled look its unbalivable. just as i was about to go to bed i seen him on the camera i creeped down and right when he was by the bike i just out he absalutly **** him self and ran faster than a cat in water! Posted on: August 25th, 2015. T. tak Member. By Brian Canty. Just then, the light went green so I started to accelerate.”, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Watch: Incredible moment a brazen thief tries to steal a bike off the back of a moving car, November’s tech of the month: new products from Zipp, Nopinz and a bespoke Bowman Palace 3, Watch: The most anticipated cycling tech for 2020. Yes, that is a topless man trying to steal Ben King’s bike while smoking a fag at the Vuelta. Photo. ... talking about" was him trying to remember it as the victim was on the way out and it caused the lock cutter to step away and look inconspicuous. Luckily, someone stopped him and took his picture! So about a year ago my bike was stolen by this old man and I stole it back. Bike thief! Trent 1/02/2019 10:25 PM 0. He only managed to bend the lock and twist my handlebars a little. This is the moment a brazen thief tries to steal a £2,500 bike off the bike rack of a moving car in the middle of London, thankfully not succeeding. Note: to turn off these warnings you need to set the 'safe mode' to OFF (on the top right) 817. ; At the beginning of Azumanga Daioh, Yukari-sensei's bike chain comes loose while she's Late for School, and a student on a bike stops to help her fix it.She then, in an Establishing Character Moment, takes off with the poor kid's bike instead. Close. This is the moment a brazen thief tries to steal a £2,500 bike off the bike rack of a moving car in the middle of London, thankfully not succeeding. Hey guys, about 6 months ago I bought a 2016 ninja 300 which I cannot afford to have stolen (my insurance won't pay out if it's stolen at this address unless it's in a locked garage, which I don't have). He then keeps an eye on the car as it moves off, and at the next set of traffic lights tries to loosen the strap at the rear wheel and the clamp on the top tube, thankfully not managing to succeed before the car drives off. So I was riding my bike I went about 7 blocks to the left and came back, drank water, then did the same to the right. Posted by 8 months ago. Maybe he can steal some socks and baby formula next, gangsta! Police said Adam Valle, 26, was caught on surveillance video Thursday using bolt cutters to try to steal a bike chained in front of the Gladstone Police Department in Oregon. I busted a guy trying to steal a bike outside my work. How quickly could you sell a bike on and how much would you get on average for each bike? By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. Man catches thieves trying to steal his bike. Posted by 2 hours ago. Adam Thomas and son 'attacked by thug' who tried to steal soap star's bike. SHARE. Luckily this office has in house storage, and I have a bike room at my apartment. I've even had my bike lights stolen off my bike while the bike was locked up so now i take them off too when I leave it unattended. Hi guys, I was watching videos on youtube and its kind of worrying that they just steal bikes anywhere no matter if its crowded place with people with grinder or other tools. Guy Let Dudes Steal His Bike But It Backfires At The End! Published Wed, Sep 21 2016 9:06 AM EDT Updated Wed, Sep 21 2016 2:40 PM EDT. Jun 28, 2010 Kate Rogers @KateRogers. Bike thief! This guy tried to steal my bike in Hollywood Park! Info; Share Links; Added: Jun-11-2019. A bike could be sold in a matter of minutes at the peak of it, to one of many known regular contacts. Hey guy, what do you ... No plan is good enough to steal a bike that is locked up right outside a police station with a surveillance camera pointing directly at the bike rack. By: Nocturnal Deliverance (2669.50) Tags: dirt, bike, steal, dumbass, blood, pool, wtf. I feel bad, and a guy followed me back in the office, and wanted to know if he was in fact trying to steal my bike. share. level 2. Since someone already tried taking my bike, but did not succeed, I am pretty paranoid on locking my bike on a rack next to a store. This guy tried to steal my bike in Hollywood Park! Jerk. Get hit with a ladder ... Did the ladder guy say the other guy hit his dad with a hammer? Kei steals an old lady's scooter in AKIRA. report. I would fight for it but question is what if the person has some kind of weapon/grinder what to do then ? I busted a guy trying to steal a bike outside my work. Non-Freakout. Report Save. save. Jerk. I have a very think lock, but I'm thinking of buying a U-Lock to make it easier on myself. ... turn when a thug appeared and tried to wrestle the bike off him. Idiot Kid Tries To Steal From The Wrong House, Kid 'Steals' His Stolen Bike Back From Thief, Woman Caught Stealing Jeans gets Slapped into Next Week, 30 Clever Observations about the Real World, 30 Funny Dank Memes to Stub Your Little Toe On, Funny Memes and Pics to Laugh At (32 Images), Karen Refuses to Pay Bill Because She Can't Read Menus Right. I for sure wouldn't just stand and film someone stealing my bike. “As I looked into my rear view mirror, that’s when I saw the cyclist twiddling the top fastening of the bike. Crack. N. Neuromancer Member. Try to steal my dirt bike? Archived. Someone tried to steal my bike last night-advice? Warning - thread Thief tries to steal a motorcycle and has fingers cut by an axe might contain content that is not suitable for all ages. 460 comments. I recently spent a couple of days conducting a bike theft experiment, which I first tried with my brother Van in 2005.